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Contact Us

When contacting Hudson Valley Officiants, we may be on the telephone, with another couple, at a rehearsal or at a wedding. Please always leave us a message, send an email, or text us your name, wedding or elopement date, ceremony time, telephone and email. We will return your call or respond promptly.

Telephone / Text 845-248-2903



**Please include your names, telephone, email, wedding date, time & location**  

Office & Phone Hours

Hudson Valley Officiants & Ministers are available by phone, email,

text or by scheduling an in-office visit.

Hudson Valley Officiants hours are by appointment during the below

listed hours but hours change daily. For in-person consultations, please call us directly to schedule

your appointment. *Our availability is limited and changes daily  due to rehearsals and weddings.

Please call prior to visiting as we

are often off site conducting rehearsals and weddings.

Mon:     Office closed - Email/Phone/Text 9am-8pm

Tue:      Office closed - Email/Phone/Text 9am-8pm

Wed:     Office open/Email/Phone/Text 9am-8pm

Thu:      Office open/Email/Phone/Text 9am-8pm

Fri:       Office closed - Email/Phone/Text 9am-8pm

Sat:       Office closed - Email/Phone/Text 9am-8pm

Sun:      Office closed - Email/Phone/Text 9am-8pm

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