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Hudson Valley Officiants Reviews

"Dear Rev. Aniceto,

Words can not begin to describe the joy it gave us to have you perform our ceremony on our special day. We were so pleased with your work and can't even express the feeling we felt that you shared the beginning of our new life together. Thank You so much for all your kind words, We will continue to recommend you."

Sincerely, Jervis & Yasmine


"For us, looking for an officiant was probably the hardest part of the wedding planning, since we don't belong to any religious organizations, and had very particular ideas about the type of ceremony we wanted. How do you select someone you don't even know to be an integral part of one of your biggest life events? Well, I'll save you some trouble — just go with Hudson Valley Officiants. The ceremony that Rev. Louis created for us was absolutely amazing. He captured the essence of our relationship 100% and performed one of the most personalized, heartfelt, unforgettable ceremonies I have ever heard. Almost all of our guests told us during the wedding or after that it was the best ceremony they had ever been to. 

During the process of creating the ceremony, you can have as much or as little control as you'd like. We chose a really hands-off approach, opting for Rev. Louis to write our vows and everything, and we were really pleased with the results. You can review the whole written ceremony before the wedding and make any changes to it that you'd like. The fact that everything was just spot-on (and we're picky) made the process really simple!

Best of all, Rev. Louis has a knack for putting people at ease. He's accepting of all different types of people, beliefs, what have you, which was perfect for our two very different families. We felt like old friends before it even came time to perform the ceremony. We are so happy to have had him there on the big day. If you are feeling discouraged with all of the impersonal, unfamiliar, cookie cutter officiants you're seeing out there, definitely look no further!"

Lindsay & Colin 


"We booked Hudson Valley Officiants through our wedding venue and never expected our ceremony to be as personal and emotional as it was. Rev. Aniceto wrote a ceremony that was perfect for us and truly captured our personalities. All of our guests were so impressed with our vows and said the ceremony was lovely. I think people will be talking about it for years to come."

Keri & Don  


"Our ceremony service was amazing! It made me cry and laugh and smile. Everyone in attendance said to me that it was one of the best ceremonies they have ever attended and that it made them think about the meaning of their own vows of marriage. Everything was wonderful and Louis really saved my day! Thank you for incredible memories that I will always share with the one that I love."



"Rev. Louis with Hudson valley officiants saved our wedding day!! My husband and I could have not been more pleased with the services he rendered! They were available for us on very short (2 hours) notice. My husband and I were very impressed with the quality and professionalism of Rev. Louis and his assistants!! If it wasn't for Hudson valley officiants my husband and I may have never been able to marry, they truly saved our big day and made it 100 times better than we had imagined our wedding ceremony being! Thank you so much Rev. Louis!! You truly are a blessing sent by god. I can't thank you enough!! We will never forget how special our big day was and are forever grateful to you, for making it happen!! Thank You sooooo much!!!!"



"Rev. Louis is absolutely amazing. Our vows were a perfect fit because he constructed them based on our personal backgrounds. He came to go over everything before the ceremony started and because we were flying in to New York to have our wedding he was amazingly responsive via email and phone when we needed to be in contact. His professionalism is incomparable and seemed very comfortable when speaking. He combined everything we asked for and more even though it was just a vow renewal. We couldn't have asked for a better officiant or more personal vows unless we had written them ourselves"

Krystal & Rob 


"Rev. Louis is an absolute delight to work with!!! It was an overall awesome experience, we met hit it off and the rest is just history. Our ceremony was perfect!!! I could not ask for a better person to write my vows and perform my ceremony. It was fun, light hearted and had a touch a comedy to it. Which is just what we asked for!!!! I would and will highly recommend Hudson Valley Officiants to anyone I know who is looking for services. My wedding ceremony was just plain and simply perfect!!!"



"Rev.. Louis was awesome! Just a down to earth guy and easy to talk to. So many of our guests kept telling us that we had a beautiful ceremony...which was awesome to hear bc I usually find them boring lol I totally recommend him!"



"Our wedding was more special and touching than we ever imagined. After being together for 20 years, we thought the wedding would simply be a legal contract. Thanks to Reverend Louis the ceremony was personal, honest, and deeply moving. Thank you Hudson Valley Officiants for making our wedding a lovely celebration that we will always remember."



"After 13 years together my partner and I were looking for a wedding officiant. We were searching online one evening and low and behold came across Reverend Louis at Hudson Valley Officiants. We knew from day one we found the person we wanted to perform our ceremony. He was very accommodating to our wants & needs taking into account that we lived out of state and answered any questions we had via email or phone call eliminating any of our worries. Rev. Louis made our wedding ceremony personal, meaningful, and exceptionally special. Our family and friends, along with us, could not believe how personal our ceremony was considering he did not know us or meet us prior to the evening before our wedding. Our day was absolutely perfect. I would highly recommend Rev. Louis at Hudson Valley Officiants…"



"Rev. Louis was fabulous. The ceremony was perfect!! Everyone at our wedding was blown away by the ceremony!"

Scott & Gina 


"Reverend Louis officiated our wedding at Hunter Mountain on September 15. He was great! He developed a ceremony for us that was just perfect. My husband and I were both raised Roman Catholic however we do not fully practice it anymore. We still wanted some elements of our Catholic religion in our ceremony for our families along with some other readings and sayings that aren't as traditional. Reverend Louis came up with such a good combination and made it so personal and romantic. He was completely flexible and open to whatever we wanted. Even down to the wardrobe we wanted him to wear! A majority of my guests said their favorite part of the wedding was the ceremony. I highly recommend Reverend Louis and Hudson Valley Officiants to any couple of any religion who wants a personal, customized, beautiful ceremony that their guests will be talking about for months!"

Amber & Chad  


"Adolfo and I are completely satisfied with Hudson Valley Officiants and Rev. Louis in particular. Rev. Louis was exceptionally professional and responsive. From the moment we met, Adolfo and I felt extremely at ease. Rev. Louis was extremely friendly and a perfect addition to our wedding. He walked us through every step of the way and made the whole process extremely easy and comfortable. Adolfo and I are particularly happy we chose the Hudson Valley Officiants and that Rev. Louis officiated our wedding. We would definitely recommend him!"

Chiara & Adolfo  


"Rev. Louis was absolutely phenomenal!!! My bride and I can't say enough fantastic things about him. The ceremony was written beautifully, his professionalism was great, and he was truly a fun guy to be around. All of my wedding guests complimented us on having Rev. Louis for our wedding. We knew we made the right choice!"

Mariessa & Tony 


"First I have to say thank you, especially to Rev. Louis Zeppone! You made our day memorable and unique for just us. I can't express how attentive, warm and caring Rev. Louis was!! He took the time to really hone in to both of our personalities and put together a beautiful ceremony that is distinctly one of a kind and ours. He truly listened to what "we" wanted and was actually interested in what was meaningful to both of us. It was a joy to work with him and he put us both at ease, which was one less thing to worry about...considering all the other things that we were swamped with preparing for our ceremony. He really took us under his wing!! If you are looking for someone who cares about you and takes the time to create beautiful words with a special ceremony, look no further. I am so glad that we choose to go with you and not the traditional, lack luster ceremony. We look forward to working with you again for your other services you offer. It was priceless and heartfelt, thank you, thank you!!!!!"

Tony &Tina


"We were so happy with the services Rev. Louis provided. The professionalism not to mention the caring and the way or vows were written, they were SUPERB. I was so deeply touched not to mention my 120 guests when they saw that my daughter was included in our vows, my guests were in tears of happiness. Rev. Louis, THANK YOU so much for making my day extra special."

Jackie & Christopher 


"We are so happy we chose Reverend Louis to officiate our wedding ceremony on August 10th. Ever since we met him back in November, he has been there to efficiently answer all of our questions leading up to our wedding. He wrote the most beautiful ceremony that really touched on some of the most important aspects of our relationship. All of our guests were raving about how thorough and sincere our ceremony felt and it was all thanks to how much time and attention to detail Reverend Louis spent on it. He listened to what we wanted and created an absolutely perfect ceremony for us to always cherish! Thank you!!"

Laura & Alan 


"From the moment we met Rev. Louis and Rev. Aniceto we knew they were the ones that had to perform our ceremony. I don't even know where to begin describing how amazing they were. Rev. Lou customized our entire ceremony and it was so special and very unique to us, we couldn't have asked for anything more. All of our friends and family keep ranting how beautiful and touching our ceremony was. Hudson Valley Officiants exceeded our highest expectations. They were well organized, extremely professional, and eliminated any and all worry from the entire process, allowing us to relax and focus on each other. Through thoughtful prepping and communication they helped us create a beautiful and personal ceremony that accurately represented us as a couple. We couldn’t have been happier with their services and could not imagine our special day without them. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an officiant for their big day!"

Tiffany & Ryan 


"Rev. Louis Zeppone,

Thank you for making our day so special, When we got to meet you we realized what a wonderful person you are. I'm so glad that we found and choose you to marry us. The ceremony you created for us we loved and wouldn't trade it for anything different. Thank you again!"

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin 


"We were VERY excited about how our wedding came together (in 7 days)! Since we eloped in a HOT AIR BALLOON, we had to be flexible due to weather. Rev Jun made our stresses disappear when he assured us he would be available when we needed him and when mother nature cooperated. We made our 6 1/2 hour trip to elope and every aspect of it couldn't have been more perfect. We can't say it enough... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU "

Danielle & Cody

Marienville, PA 


"We were very pleased that we chose Hudson Valley Officiants to perform our ceremony in Saratoga Springs, New York. We were amazed with the manner in which they made our ceremony personal and meaningful even though they had only met us a few days prior to the ceremony. Would highly recommend this group for any wedding event. Rev. Jun was fabulous and very entertaining. He was more than we could have ever imagined and the comments from attendees prove that they are dedicated to making your special day just that, Special. Our family was shocked that he had just met us because the ceremony was so personalized and humorous just as we wanted. Thank you so much for a fabulous day."

Sandy & Janet

Brea, Kentucky 


"Dear Rev. Louis & Rev. Aniceto,

We couldn't have imagined a better ceremony for our wedding."

Beth & Linda

New Paltz, NY 


"Dear Rev. Louis,

We can't describe how gratefull we are for such a beautiful, unique and magical ceremony. We will forever cherish the moment we found you. God Bless you always."

Luz & Rafael 


"We used Hudson Valley Officiants for our wedding and Reverend Rose and Reverend Louis could not have been more helpful, kind, professional and personal. They're dedication to getting to know us as a couple and individually was reflected in Rev. Rose's ceremony speech. We loved using them, would definitely use again."

Stephanie & Alexa

White Plains, NY 


"I went online searching for a gay/lesbian friendly officiant for our wedding when I came across Hudson Valley Officiants. I have to say we made an excellent choice! The service was fantastic, the ceremony was perfect, the price was right, and Reverend Louis Zeppone and his staff were so nice! We give Hudson Valley Officiants an A+ and highly recommend them!! :) "

Tiffany & Angel

Edwardsville, PA 


"Dear Reverend Aniceto,

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the ceremony you performed for us on Sunday. We have received so many complements on your ceremony, with everyone saying it was the sweetest and most romantic they have ever witnessed. We also received the certificate in the mail yesterday, and it is gorgeous.

Again, thank you so much."

Jennifer & Michael Pierno 


"Rev. Aniceto of Hudson Valley Officiants created a ceremony for us that was so personalized that many of our guests actually thought he was a friend that knew us for years. Through the entire process, he worked with us and made us feel very comfortable. The ceremony was wonderful and we are so happy we were able to have him do our wedding. Thank you Rev. Aniceto for making our day even more special!"

Anthony & Marcella

Brooklyn, New York 


"We decided on a surprise last minute wedding and Rev. Louie was very accomodating. He created a beautiful unique ceremony speach within 24hrs for us! He was amazing as well as the other Revs. that assisted with the ceremony, great team work, and genuine people !"

Christina & Matt

Dunnellon, Florida 


"Rev Louis Zeppone was a complete dream. He was terrific, accommodating, professional and helped make our special day that more incredible. I'd recommend him time and time again!"


Mt. Tremper, New York 


"Louis -

We've attended a lot of weddings with very boring and generic ceremonies performed by the officiant. We had great hopes that we could have something much more special on our wedding day (especially after waiting 20 years for it!).

And boy - did you deliver. The way you individualized and presented ours was so personal to who we were and why we had arrived at this moment - it was so remarkably special - we'd never seen anything quite like it. Our friends and family were delighted at how intimate and personal the ceremony was and commented positively on your service all through the event.

The Service was so thoughtful and beautiful, our guests still talk about the tears brought to their eyes.

We can see why you're in such high demand. We consider ourselves lucky to have had you available to help make our special day so very wonderful."

Philip and Brian Bender-Tymon

Kingston, New York 


"Hudson Valley Officiants are extremely professional and dependable. They strive to maintain constant communication with the couple throughout the entire wedding process. I was lucky enough to have met them and have them be an officiant at my civil and reception wedding."

Carlos & Brenda

New York, NY 


"We called reverend Lou in a bind, due to an issue with a different officiciant. On 24 hour notice he drove an hour to our rehearsal then a day later to the wedding. If it was not for him we would have not had anyone to marry us. He also exceeded expectations, he let us pick how we wanted our ceremony and wrote vows particular to us. We did not want a very religious ceremony, he made it just perfect to please our parents with a religion aspect but also keeping it down to earth and fun. I highly recommend , just tell them how you want the ceremony and they will accommodate."

Dan & Erin

Middletown, New York


"We are so happy that Louis was part of our special day! We could not be happier with our choice. From the beginning, he got to know a little about us and arranged our ceremony so that it was true to our personality and our relationship...sweet...funny...and full of love. Thank you Louis!"

Karen & Harry

Stamford, CT 


"Hi Rev Louis,

Thank you so much for the most surprisingly special "official" wedding day we ever could have imagined! It meant a lot to us!"

Chris & Keith

Brooklyn, New York 


Rev. Louis Zeppone - Officiant did our ceremony on March 16th. We had a beautiful ceremony customized thanks to him. He was very personable, great sense of humor............gave us good ideas. And the day of the ceremony kept me on track. Always asked if I was ok, told me even to breath at times. LOL, I really love everything he incorporated about us. He made it very special. I would recommend him again and again and again.

Gloria & Michael

Beacon, New York 


Rev. Louis jumped in after our original Officiant cancelled on us. So helpful, friendly and put us at ease. I had no worries after meeting with him.

Jeffrey & Mark

Albany, New York 


"Hello Reverend Louis,

We just wanted to tell you how extremely happy we were with the ceremony and your professionalism. The service was beautifully written and exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend you Rev. Louis."

Ernest & Emily

Lodi, New Jersey 


"Rev. Louis from Hudson Valley Officiants made the planning of my special day easy. He listen to my ideas even if they seem crazy and help me plan the perfect ceremony. He customized the ceremony to reflect my thoughts and values. It was truly one of a kind ceremony. Many of the guest commented that the ceremony was so unique and special , it was the best wedding they had ever attended. Rev. Louis gets my full endorsement and I hope you a lucky enough to have him or his team preside over your special day."

Yukiko & BJ

Hyde Park, New York 


"Rev Louis Zeppone was highly recomended to us and we were not disappointed. Planning a wedding can be very stressful but with his calming nature and humor he assisted us in planning a ceremony we will never forget. We had a very simple ceremony and we expected no more than that. What we did get was something so meaningful and thoughtful,the ceremony that he prepared for us told the story of our love for eachother and our commitment to eachother as if he knew us our whole lives. He was an important part of our ceremony and we will definately be using his other services in the future!!!!"

Kathleen & Marc

Kingston, New York 


"Thank you so much for helping to make our special day so unforgettable. The ceremony was wonderful and full of meaning. We are really looking forward to seeing the pictures so that we can relive it all."

Ivan & Lynda

Newburgh, New York 


"Reverend Louis

I'm writing to tell youhow absolutely pleased Devin and I were with your services. We could not have asked for a better ceremony! We got so many compliments on your wonderful ceremony!"

Devin & Elizabeth

Arlington, Massachusetts 


"Rev. Louis officiated at our wedding and we simply could not have been more pleased. Our ceremony was exquisitely personalized and Louis' attention to detail and his personality combined to provide us with a perfect day."

Brian & Philip

Kingston, NY 

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