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Hudson Valley Pet Ministry

Animals on earth, small or large, wild or tame, domesticated or wild occupy a special place on earth, in our life and in our heart. We cannot begin to imagine earth, as we know it, without birds chirping, dogs barking & cats meowing. The earth would not be the same without the grace of butterflies in the sky, power of whales in the ocean and force of lions in the jungle.

Animals were created along with humans to live in harmony and mutual respect. Hudson Valley Pet Ministry, which is a subsidiary of Hudson Valley Officiants, acknowledges our love of all animals and provides nondenominational and compassionate services to animals and their human companions in both times of joy and sorrow.

Hudson Valley Pert Ministry offers the following Services

Blessing of the Animals

Hudson Valley Pet Ministry is available to organize and conduct a full Blessing of the Animals at any shelter, community, town, public or private event. Below are some photos of our past events.

New Pet/Animal Services

Blessing before or during pregnancy or birthing

Blessing of Newborn along with Newborn naming ceremony

Blessing & Welcome Blessing of an adoptive Pet to a new home

Celebration Services

Pet Birthdays

The Anniversary of your pet being part of your family

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies for those pets that are inseparable or for mating purposes

Sick Services

Prayers, Blessings or Healing ceremonies for those hurt, sick or terminally ill

at home, shelter, animal hospital or any other facility. Including....

Spiritual/Grief support

Support or blessings before or during surgery

Support or blessings before or during euthanasia

Memorial and/or Funeral services

Additional Services

Protection Blessing

Travel Blessing

Guidance Blessing

Food Blessing

Training Blessing

Lost Pet Blessing

Blessing before leaving your pet while on vacation

And many others............ 

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