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Hudson Valley Officiants

offers these and many other Unity ceremony options.

We would be happy to explain them to you! 

Unity Candle

Unity Sand

Unity Heart

Unity Cross

Unity Glass

Unity Puzzle

Chocolate & Milk Blending

Coin Ceremony

Cord Ceremony

Veil Ceremony

Fisherman's Knot

Gods Knot

Rosary Ceremony

Remembrance Ceremonies

Filipino Traditions


Hand Washing

Indian Garland Ceremony

Wine & Love Letter

Wine Blending

Beer Blending

Whisky Blending

Jumping of the Broom

Breaking of the Glass

Chuppah Ceremony

Rose exchange for Bride & Groom

Rose exchange for Mothers/Fathers/Parents

Vow & Gift Exchange for Children

Tree Planting

Tying of the Knot

Butterfly Release

Dove Release

Wood Burning or Branding

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